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It’s summer mid and the irrigation season is in full swing. A commercial facility in the outskirts of Portland, OR has broken a telephone link with a central irrigation control network. This telephone line is only one of hundreds and thousands of telecommunications networks throughout this area. So, what is this one huge deal?Checkout Find out more here for more info.

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Well, the irrigation manager used this particular telephone line to connect via telephone modem to the on-site control device irrigation systems, which managed all irrigation schedules of the property. We ‘re thinking of an irrigation scheme that included more than 30 acres of farmland, a soccer pitch, a softball / baseball field, a putting green, and about 200 irrigation control valves. Losing communication with a site occurs occasionally, and may be due to a few different reasons.

The on-site power supply, which would shut down the phone modem and cut off communication, may have been disrupted. Perhaps the consumer terminated the telephone number, because the telephone number is used for irrigation maintenance purposes only, so someone on the customer’s team feels the telephone number is not used for something. Regardless of why, visiting the web is the best way to uncover the issue.

The CCU (the unit with the phone modem) is now housed at this location in an on-campus interior space. For many years this space was the safe area, but it has lately changed. Unknown to the manager of irrigation, this room was being remodelled. Which, of course, meant unplugging of the telephone line. Identified Problem.

Only plugging the phone line back into the wall, however, wasn’t the solution. Part of the remodel involved deactivating the CCU’s phone jack that was previously functioning. In reality, all of the phone contacts in this room (there were at least a dozen) have been totally taken offline. On top of that, the client decided to move the CCU to another location.

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Throughout this case, the bottom line was that there was no ready way to operate irrigation on campus … for many days. Bear in mind it was in the midst of the watering season, and this was a circumstance in which a immediate remedy was required at least.

One option was for the landscape contractor to run the irrigation individually by programming each controller. It’s plenty to tell, but it isn’t an appealing choice as it will require at least a full day’s worth of effort. This would also involve having to manage how much water each irrigation controller was working at every moment as they both shared two sources of water. Too much water flowing at one time results in poor water quality, the sprinkler’s crappy coverage and the lawn that looks terrible.

Regardless of the equipment of irrigation systems, previously configured applications, and long-term irrigation control, this water pressure problem was readily resolved nightly. Of course, that was before it shut down the phone line.