C2960XR Switch Explained

For Cisco’s EnergyWise platform, Cisco 3750 Catalyst Switches are now more “Green Friendly”

Cisco Systems is making the EnergyWise technology available throughout the full Catalyst Switch product line-up based on the strong need for organizations to cut energy costs, comply with government regulations and carbon laws and the desire to do what is right for the environment. Click WS-C3750X-12S-E.

Energy consumption across supported network devices can be measured, monitored, and recorded in real time with the EnergyWise technology. This takes the guesswork entirely out of the picture when it comes to determining exactly how much energy is being used on a given network device.

The technology, taking it a step further, gives the administrator the ability to regulate the amount of power supplied to these devices and at what times. This can be configured from anything to an Ethernet powered device such as an IP Phone right through to a large data center production switch.

All this is achieved through a robust framework that allows very precise and granular control of devices in the environment. After a baseline has been taken showing the level of power usage on these devices throughout the company, specific policies can be set up to do things like automatically power down devices after hours, or to put devices in “sleep mode” when not being used.

These policies can be directly correlated to extensive reporting capabilities that will be able to show things like power usage and associated cost savings immediately based on implementing the particular changes in power usage as specified in the policy.

Overall, these policies greatly simplify the understanding of network devices that many figures are just sitting “doing something” there and need to be powered on continuously. It system helps users to understand exact power requirements and consumption data by type of device, device label and location of device.

I think Cisco is doing the right thing by going in that direction, and I look forward to seeing the EnergyWise features being deployed across the globe in organisations. The Cisco 3750 is one of Cisco’s most common cable closet switches, and is an excellent tool that can take advantage of the EnergyWise technology benefits.