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A recent online survey conducted by the Natural Health Advisory Service shows that 50 % of women neglect their health in midlife and risk spending their later years of life over weight, pain and depression unless they take better care of themselves. Checkout Citizens for Health Institute for more info.

The survey , conducted on more than 1200 women between the ages of 35 and 64 to determine their midlife health prospects, found lifestyle factors such as diet , exercise, alcohol, and smoking to be strongly associated with mental and physical health issues.

This survey clearly showed that women who meet four or five of the healthy goals had better overall health, far more stamina, less aches and pains and higher libido rates than those who achieved fewer goals.

The underlying message is that you don’t have to make any radical changes to your lifestyle to improve your quality of life and overcome the various menopause symptoms.

Read on and find out how making a few minor lifestyle changes could make all the difference between a healthy midlife and a problem-stricken one.


Non-smokers have less pains and aches, less digestive issues, healthier sleep habits and less depression. Additional benefits: less hot flushes, sweeter breath, higher lung capacity, smoother skin, greater fitness levels, not to mention lower cancer risk and many other breathing disorders.


Make a date and draw up an action plan, and work out which methods are best for you. Throw away all the tobacco, lighters and ashtrays. Change your routine-for instance if you usually have a cigarette with your mid-morning coffee instead have a glass of juice, or give it a break for a few days. And try to avoid the shop where cigarettes are typically purchased. Store on snacks including sugar-free gum, nuts, raw fruits and vegetables. Herbal remedies such as valerian that help to relieve any pangs of anxiety. The more encouragement you get the more you ‘re likely to be successful, so ask your friends and family for their support. Don’t expect to become a non-smoker. The moment the last cigarette you are a non-smoker is stub-out.

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Daily exercisers show more energy and less tiredness, as well as improved sleep, less anxiety and depression, plus fewer mood swings and higher libido levels. Additional benefits: exercise can ward off age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease and help you spread middle-age check-ups. What’s more, keeping active improves your circulation, so that your skin looks better and you feel more confident about your body.