Electric Chair Lift-An Info

So, you have decided to buy your folks an electric chairlift. Have you already chosen the bath lift from among the many brands, styles, and designs that match your elders’ needs?

Inexpensive walking alternatives in restrooms, electric chair lifts are independent living devices built to carefully lower and lift a person from and to the toilet. Considered to be therapeutic aids for the disabled and the aged, the bath lift chairs are designed with health and comfort in mind to enable anyone to bathe comfortably whatever their condition.Checkout Stair Lift for more info.

Chair Lift Pricing - Accessible Systems

Safety and comfort are important considerations when purchasing an electric lift for baths. Since the user has physical limitations, it is important that the lift of the chair secures the bather in every bathing move he makes. Furthermore, because mobility is sometimes challenging and uncomfortable for disabled persons, electric chair lifts can offer a calming environment for the user.

The bath lift chair you are looking for should safely lift the user without any risk of injury.

Everyday use should be sturdy enough for the user. Most bath lifts are made of hardwearing material such as aluminum , steel, or plastic.

Aside from function and durability, before purchasing one, check the user’s height and weight. Know not all chairs are made for all sizes. The customer needs to be relaxed where he will be positioned so he can appreciate the bath ride.

Remember to look at each chair’s specific features, and compare it with another brand’s same chair. Review the quality as well as the additional advantages you will enjoy when you buy a specific item. When making online shopping, the best way to compare features is.

Archimedes Electric Bathroom Chair Elevator

The Archimedes Electric Chair Lift is one affordable bathing solution you might want to check out on. A battery-operated lift chair, it lowers the handicapped carefully to the bottom of the tub to allow comfortable bathing. It heightens the user back to the original position after the ritual.

Compared to a walk-in bath, on installation, electric lift chairs such as Archimedes do not need to drill or holen. Archimedes electric chair lift is also very portable so you can take it wherever you go with you. For quick packing, the chair disassembles quickly into three distinct pieces.

The chair weighs only 11.5 lbs when assembled, which makes it easier to execute out of your tub.

Because most bath lifts are constructed from waterproof material, there is no chance of getting shocked in the shower when using it. This particular model offers a wide seat, high backrest, and folding transfer flaps so that you and your loved ones enjoy the simple pleasure of soaking in the tub. It also has an ergonomically built hand mechanism that is water-resistant and has just two buttons — up and down. The rechargeable battery is also located for easy access at the hand control.