Eyes of Texas- An Intro

Are you struggling with failing eyesight? Do you sit in front of a computer a lot and worry it may be affecting your eyes? If so, an optometrist may be just the person you need to help you see better. These eye specialists are educated in a variety of disorders and diseases of the eye. They work to diagnose and treat eyes so the world is a better place. Get the facts about Eyes of Texas see this.

A lot of people think of these people only as the ones who perform a yearly eye test and prescribe glasses if needed. There are even trained eye specialists providing glasses in malls nowadays. But optometrists do a lot more than that.

Everyone agrees how vital it is to be able to see. It’s truly one of the most important senses and one which no one wants to lose or see diminished. There’s probably not a person on the planet who wants to lose their eyesight. An optometrist works hard to preserve eye health and bring enrichment to this necessary sense.

During routine eye exams, diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes have been discovered countless times by optometrists. Many times a long time before ever being diagnosed by a physician.

You should have an eye exam yearly unless you are experiencing any of the following discomforts:
1) Blurred vision
2) A stinging or burning sensation
3) Dryness of the eye
4) Any form of vision loss

If you are experiencing any of these things, it’s a wise decision to visit an eye specialist as soon as possible. An optometrist is a doctor but not a medical doctor. He or she is a doctor of optometry. The educational period for becoming one can be as many as eight years – four years of undergraduate study and four years of education in an accredited school of optometry. Some specialists continue their education with advanced residency training as well. An intense national board examination must also be passed and sometimes a state board too. Yearly requirements must also be met and maintained in order to renew their license.