Features of Major-Enemies-Of-Your-Roof

It is not a good feeling when the roof is leaking. You care about the structural integrity of your house, as a proud homeowner, and shudder at the prospect of a big repair. A leaky roof, thankfully, is not necessarily a tragedy. They’re a easy fix sometimes. You can better tackle any and every leaky roof problem you have by hiring professional roofing services. But in order to stop potential leaks, it is necessary in the first place to understand what causes them. By giving you details about proper preventive maintenance, this awareness will help you develop your skills as a hands-on homeowner. There are many reasons for roof leaks, but 10 most frequently seem to occur in particular. To learn them all, continue reading! Attic Condensation-A roof leak seems to be an issue with the roof too frequently, when in fact it is an issue with the attic. Improper attic ventilation can cause the attic to accumulate excess moisture in the air from the lower floors. This contributes to a buildup of moisture that flows through your ceilings and walls. Broken Shingles-Another common explanation for roof leaks is broken or fractured shingles. This means that fixing broken or missing shingles immediately is imperative! For more info see this.

Clogged Gutters-They cannot fulfil their primary duty of steering rainwater away from the roof when gutters are clogged. Under the shingles, clogged gutters contribute to water accumulation, which causes roof leaks.

Cracked Chimneys-Cracked or damaged chimneys are usually caused by roof leaks. They may cause water to seep in from the outside when bricks and mortar around a chimney are in poor condition.

Cracked Flashing-While the chimney and skylights of a home might be in good condition, if cracked or broken, the flashing around them may cause roof leaks. It is, in fact, one of the most common causes of leaky roofs. Defective Skylights-They can contribute to water infiltration through the roof when skylights are not properly sealed or mounted. Defective skylights are a critical repair to be performed immediately, whether worn sealant, cracked glass, or incorrect installation.