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I ‘m sure all of you have learned of Axial biotech’s scoliscore genetic profile research. My test kits have just arrived and I’ve finished reading over all the literature … Overall, in the field of early stage scoliosis intervention / treatment, I think it might be very useful.Learn more by visiting Scoliosis Specialist Los Angeles

For the exam, the parameters are as follows ….

-Decent Caucasian (they inform me that other ethnic profiles will soon be available)

-Years 9-13 (if the patient has not achieved skeletal maturity, the examination would be up to 14 or 15 years of age)

-Cobb angle of 10-25 degrees B / W

The examination generally contrasts the genetic markers of patients with 53 other markers classified as high-risk from the profile of 1000 patients whose curves advanced past 40 degrees prior to skeletal maturity. The more the profile fits the label, the greater the chance.

In accordance with other genetic testing, the total price of the test is correct ($2,900), but it is conveniently protected by insurers and they provide financial aid plans for eligible individuals.

They say that when the patient is skeletally immature, the examination is 99 percent effective in evaluating whether or not the curvature can exceed the surgical level (40-45 degrees). It’s everything that tests it. A 15-degree curve on the scoliscore test might also advance to a 39-degree curve with a low chance.

In my view, here’s the true pay off. For their disease, patients with a minimal to moderate risk according to scoliscore may not even need to see an orthopedist. Plus, just think of the distress that would alleviate for patients and parents alike …. AND with low / intermediate risk situations vs. high risk situations, the x-ray testing programme will be fully re-thought.

In the early phases of the disease, a non-high-risk scoliscore patient should be adequately controlled by an aggressive treatment regimen to mitigate and reduce the impact and impact of the disorder on body image / disfigurement.

Detection and action in early stage scoliosis = The Demise In SPINAL BRACING.

Spinal bracing can also be regarded by just 1% (high-risk group) … And, most definitely, even that is a waste of time. So how can we prevent Scoliscore from being used as a paperweight in high technology?