Get Justice With a Civil Rights Attorney

Do you think that you would need a civil rights attorney from Phoenix? Are you at work being harassed? Did you repeatedly complain, and are still not being taken seriously?

Harassment is a very real issue that many individuals primarily at work, suffer from. A individual harassed because of their gender, race, religious views, sexual orientation, etc. may have attempted to bring up the issue with a supervisor, but do not see any change in the harasser(sactions. )’s Unfortunately, this is a catch 22 scenario, as leaving could cause severe financial difficulty in the current economy, but staying could result in the victim being constantly angry, or even being unnecessarily fired for “complaining.” Have a look at Gibson & Hughes.

Any Phoenix attorney will advise you that you can not be fired lawfully for complaining about unfair working conditions if you are a survivor of a similar situation. Harassment on the job is certainly a bad working situation.

You should know your rights if you are expecting a new baby and being told that you can not take time off from your job to bond with your baby without being fired. As an American citizen, the FMLA, or family medical leave act, guarantees this privilege for you. Either ill informed or lying is someone who tells you otherwise. This is against the law, and it may benefit a Phoenix attorney.

You may have acquired a disease that causes you to take regular and unforeseen time off from work because of surgery, recovery, or a similar health reason; but if you continue to miss work, your employer becomes irritated and threatens to fire you. This too is, as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act, a violation of your civil rights. If you have or are in this type of situation at your job, a Phoenix civil rights lawsuit can be justified.