Heating and Cooling Systems For Your Home

Your home’s heating and cooling systems are also recognized as the HVAC unit. The term stands for air conditioning, ventilation and electricity. The HVAC equipment is responsible for indoor temperature , humidity & quality, and comfort for the inhabitants.

There are also common forms of appliances for heating , ventilating & cooling. The type of equipment that is used in any given area has to do with its climate. The winter duration & coldness and summer duration & hotness are main variables in deciding what’s required. The levels of humidity also play an important role on what equipment would be needed.get redirected here


Obviously heating your home is a process of adding heat to the indoor environment which increases the temperature. The standard temperature level for the winter time thermostat is 66F to 70F with the maximum temperature level being about 68F. It is a fair framework for both comfort and efficacy. Underneath are the most popular heating systems built today in new homes.

Forced Air-The most popular form of heating and refrigeration device used. To heat the home a blower circulates air into a heat exchanger. These systems may be supplemented with A / C systems.

Heat Pump-There are various types of heat pumps, but the air-source heat pump is the most common. Heat pumps provide heating and refrigeration for your home.

Hydronic-Air is heated by a boiler and pumped by in-house radiators.

Radiant-Water is heated by a boiler and circulated through tubing placed in floors , walls or ceilings to steam certain surfaces which heat up the space through radiation, in effect.

Geothermal-A heat pump that uses the soil or water as its source of heat. With one machine it meets the heating and cooling needs.

Electric-When electricity is passed through the device, heat is supplied via electric or resistance heaters.


Your home’s ventilation, also known as air conditioning, is heat reduction to clean and dehumidify the indoor climate. The standard thermostat level for summer time is 74F to 80F with an average of about 78F. Comfort and productivity make this average temperature fair. Underneath are the most popular A / C systems built today in new homes.

Forced Air-Installed most common type of heating and cooling system. A pump circulates a refrigerant through two coils (one indoor & one outside), then a blower blasts through the indoor coil that eliminates the heat from the house and then circulates to the outside to dissipate the heat that has been drained into the outside air. It uses a ductwork system to distribute the air conditioning all over the house.