High-tech firefighting tools- Intro

A fire accident is something that you would not want to encounter, ever. Why? Well simply because it is a tragedy in itself. Your properties and homes have no chance against the high temperatures and the dangerous licks of flame. What’s worse is that when these blazes are left uncontrolled, they can potentially damage other people’s properties or lives as well. Click www.virginiahughes.com/5-high-tech-firefighting-tools/.

As such, it is very important for every home, workplace or structure to be protected from fire. Engineers and architects all over the world are finding out means to make every building potentially fireproof. But while fireproofing can effectively keep the general population safe, there are still inevitable accidents that one cannot avoid.

Yes, fires do still happen. In fact, they happen too often that in United Kingdom alone, an average of 800,000 blaze – related alarms are raised every year. Out of those reported blazes, approximately 300 people die from them as well.

Because of this, you should not only prepare for prevention of fire, but also need to invest some of your time and of course your money for some firefighting and safety equipment. While fire extinguishers, specifically an electrical fire extinguisher takes the limelight as far as firefighting equipment are concerned, you should know that there are many other equipment to be considered. Some of which include:

-Fire hoses and fire hose reels
These tools are ideal for buildings/ locations where there is a fire hydrant or a strong water source nearby. They can either be used indoors or outdoors depending on the need. Just remember that when you are trying to purchase these high pressure hoses for tall buildings, they should be long enough to reach the upper floors. Also remember that these hoses are meant to be stored and hung dry as water inside them may cause the materials used in them to deteriorate greatly.

-Fire Blankets
Blankets are the perfect answer for kitchen blazes which were started on grease or cooking fat. Apart from that, they can effectively cut off the oxygen and smother small fires at home and in the workplace.

When buying, make sure that you look for blankets woven with fireproof materials and that it has the correct thickness enough to withstand the flames. They also have to be mounted in a place where they can be easily accessed when needed. Lastly, check if the blankets have BSi Kitemark and BAFE mark because these signify that they have passed quality controls and standards that are set in United Kingdom.

-Escape Ladders
Ladders are more often used to secure your safety than to fight flames. As implied, they can be conveniently utilized to exit the building if the main staircases or usual exit points are not accessible.

Yes, even these are considered to be one of the tools needed by firefighters in rescuing people. How exactly? Well they can be used to hack on doors and locks to gain access to other people and create emergency passageways if absolutely necessary.