How to Find the Best Jewelry Store

One or more pieces of jewellery can be your own. Most of them, either passed down from generation to generation, or as gifts from your spouse, were probably given to you. Nonetheless, you are lucky enough to have a set of some kind. If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself or as a gift for another user, though, then you’ve got your job cut out for you. The quest may be pretty overwhelming, with the number of jewellery stores in your area and online. So, finding the best jewellery shop is the first important thing you need to do.Learn more about us at Graham Brothers Jewelers LP

There are several types of shops for jewellery. There are designer jewellers such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co., chain stores that are typically located in shopping centres and malls, independent vendors that sell more original and classic items, but understandably more costly, and online retailers that are online, of course. Given these different types of jewellery stores, several factors can influence your store preference:

Jewelry type

Background, recommendations, or guidance

Free time

Budget or price range

Distance or proximity



  • level of protection
  • Preferred payment form
  • Emergency

Using the factors listed above, narrow down your quest. Covering the basics will help you cut down on the unnecessary waste of time, such as going to an artisan or independent vendor when you just need a more modern piece that can be purchased either online or in chain stores, or attempting to scour many online stores when friends or relatives have already suggested you.

After the basics are covered, it’s time to dig deeper. Know the shop and the individual you’re buying from. And if you want to go to designer jewellers like Tiffany & Co., you can always do your homework. If their affiliations with authority organisations such as Better Business Bureau are up-to – date, if they are known to sell only genuine pieces verified by certified associations, if they have master gemologists, if they offer ratings, promises, certificates, and more, see if the store closest to your house has already received complaints.

Pick a store that has staff members that are very competent, effective, and trustworthy. Again, you’ve got your studies to do. Unpaid and approved reviews of jewellery stores are available online. Top Consumer Reviews, for instance, have released their list of the 10 best online jewellery stores of 2011 based on quality, cost, and customer service.

Have your intuition followed. If you’re thinking about giving an online store your credit card number, then don’t. If you prefer the conventional way of shopping for jewellery, such as physically going to a store and interacting face to face with a customer, then do it. There are jewellery stores online that have safe connexions and pages, but then forget it if you’re just not that happy. At the end of the day, the decision is yours.