Importance of Couples Therapy

EFT is usually a short-term (8-20 sessions), Drs formulated structured approach to couple therapy. Sue and Les Greenberg. There is already a comprehensive literature review detailing the usefulness of EFT. Research studies show that 70-75 percent of couples are moving from distress to recovery and around 90 percent are showing significant improvements.

The Emotionally Focused Therapy focuses on the quality of the emotional relationship between two partners. In the beginning of every partnership the consistency of the interaction is usually strong. In the first stage, what I call “Stage 1-You Are the Answer,” we start intensely connected to our partners and respond to them. Biology, love hormones, idealization, smooth concentration and tension suppression are the five qualities which make a new relationship feel like BLISS.Have a look at Couples Therapy to get more info on this.

But Stage 2-” You Are the Problem, “due to several factors, will develop the problem for couples. The Stage 1 love hormones produce a less potent magic. Our attention level tends to drop. And, our desire to reveal our uniqueness (not just our uniqueness) results in differences between two partners … And confrontation.

The quality of the partners’ connection can go from feeling safe to feeling pretty insecure.

Knowing the question with regards to the “technology of love” is just the beginning of negotiating the bumpy landscape of disagreement amongst spouses. Emotionally Oriented Relationship Counseling may offer a guide for partners to find answers with issues. Emotionally oriented counseling should offer a handy range of relational resources for partners to navigate their problems more skillfully.

In periods of disconnection, in those periods of isolation, what two friends do next would have a significant effect on the form of our partnership. If two partners can learn to turn around and reconnect, the relationship can be stronger because both partners will begin to trust that each partner needs the “we,” the connection, to be their best, can be a secure base.