Know the facts about Tint World

Can you really get the full $99 tinted vehicle? Of course, so what’s the actual cost of that? The $99 deal, in most cases, is just a scam to get you through the door. The upselling starts once the store has your attention. You may opt out of the higher end movies and settle for the $99 advertised price, but for that $99 offer, you might be getting the bottom of the barrel product. Here are a few window movies forms to choose from. Have a look at Tint World.

Non-Reflective or 2ply Dyed

The smallest ways of life in the world of car window tinting are coloured non-reflective films. This form is used by shops to attract unsuspecting clients with $99 offers. On the road, you might have seen the following vehicles: purple window film, peeling and bubbling. Very little heat rejection and safety is offered by dyed films. Cosmetics are its primary purpose. Most dyed or 2-ply films hold only about a 3-year guarantee and will cost you more to remove and retint in the future, which can be saved by selecting any of the next tint types listed below.

The Hybrids Dyed

This is the most famous group of films about windows. They deliver average rejection of heat and most come with a lifetime guarantee. These films are a mixture of metals and dyes. Though these films give lifetime assurances, they can fade slightly with time because of the dye. The average cost for this form of installation will vary from $150-$250 anywhere.

Complete Jacket in Alloy!

There are no dyes in metal films and they are made of metal that gives them a highly reflective appearance. Metal films provide very high heat protection and will not fade, although there is one downside to them. Automotive electronics, like your radio system, alarm system and your GPS, can be affected by the metal components in the film. These movies come with a lifetime warranty that covers fading as well. Costs for installation will range from $200-$300.