Know the facts about Writing Workshop Programme

Let ‘s talk today about writing posts for your blog, timeline or groups on Facebook, or wherever you share the articles you publish. I will never ever outsource my article writing here. I want everything that I write and put my name on to be MINE in any blogs. This is how I feel, this is my experience, and this is what I want to give to my readers. No one else, except YOU, will create copies that are truly yours.original site is here

To me and to become an authoritative figure on the internet, this is so very important. Imagine people reading your stuff and formulating an opinion about you, and you have not even written what they are reading. For me, that’s all fake and not an honest way of doing internet marketing. You ought to write posts of your own. You are the individual in that sense, the presence that writes to them. That’s why I talk about not only my business, but also about my life so many times when I write posts. That’s because I am ME. And I want my readers to know me and to have a relation. If I’m just talking about company, I’m just another coach, not a real person. Always be yourself when you’re writing. Always remember to tell people what you really thought and what you’re really trying to tell them. When you write, NEVER be afraid of being honest. If your sincerity is despised by people, so be it. But you get an opinion from them at least.

I do not mind whatever comments or suggestions readers send me when I write my posts. If they want to tell me that what I’ve written is amazing, that’s great. And for their compliments, I still thank them. If they’re going to tell me my article sucks, so be it. That’s about what writing is. To get a response, and to inform and educate, of course. In fact, if you look at the comments on my blog, you can see that I post all the positive or critical comments that are important. I got heard at least. At least there are people reading what I’ve posted. My own self-written material. Not a duplicate that I outsourced.