Page & Eichenblatt, P.A – A Brief History

Workers’ insurance attorneys as we know them now practiced no more than 100 years ago. The worker’s insurance history dates back thousands of years, to Hammurabi ‘s time and his Law. Yet the advent of the worker’s compensation lawyer did not come about until a common law was established in the late Middle Ages. Checkout Page & Eichenblatt, P.A for more info.

The common law provided a legal basis for workers ‘ compensation lawyers to join the scene during the Industrial Revolution

Around the outset of the Industrial Revolution, lawyers seeking workers’ insurance is not recognized by this term. They were usually paired along with all other attorneys, whether they directly or not a workman ‘s compensation specialist. Throughout the Industrial Age, rigid rules regulated workers ‘ compensation lawyers which rendered it impossible for employers to lodge lawsuits or seek benefits, often with the help of their workers ‘ compensation counsel.

Damage or illness insurance has not been granted where there has been contributory error, damage incurred by fellow employees or whether the affected person had the danger presumption before taking the job first. Such limitations make even suing, let alone winning a lawsuit, incredibly challenging for the workers ‘ compensation attorneys.

The extraordinarily high cost of prosecuting a worker’s insurance lawsuit leaves most regular employees with little option other than covering for their accidents and attempting to find a better career less likely to hurt them.

To better battle a case’s exorbitant expenses, associations were created to support the more wealthy employees by supplying them with workers’ compensation attorneys that might then afford a range of various forms of liability insurance. That kind of security was modest but better than zero. On the occasional instance a workers ‘ compensation lawyer succeeded in litigation and received money from his employer, that was deemed a huge move forward for other workers ‘ compensation practitioners.

At the end of the worker’s compensation of the 19th century, the introduction of workers ‘ compensation legislation in Europe started to become more widespread. Staff were also willing to employ a lawyer practicing in that field of law, and bring and challenge lawsuits seeking compensation with the courts. It is necessary to remember that although workers ‘ compensation lawyers may bring a complaint with the government, a lawyer was prohibited to pursue a worker compensation claim in civil court, because the government court was deemed to be the only legal court for workers comp lawsuits. This helps to keep employees protected from fraudulent statements and theft.

Workers’ insurance did not start popularizing in the United States until after the turn of the 19th century. Following a lead from Germany, insurance attorneys representing the American workforce worked tirelessly to develop a scheme to better support employees at work. Many jurisdictions had implemented extensive workers’ insurance legislation by the early 19th century.