Sauna Installation is Easier Than You Think

A sauna is a perfect investment in your health and well-being, and a way to increase your home equity. Many people would love to buy a sauna but are worried about the problems and costs of installing a sauna. Fortunately, technology changes now allow a homeowner to use ordinary household tools to complete his or her own installation.

Particularly manufacturers of infrarot sauna have developed small, lightweight and easy to assemble and install indoor infrared sauna kits. These kits are sized to the number of people who may at one time occupy and use the sauna. The most common sizes are the sauna for 2 persons, the sauna for 3 persons and the sauna kits for 4 persons. Sauna sales data indicate that online sauna sales continue to rise significantly infrarot sauna kits.Get the facts about Neosauna see this.

In contrast to a traditional sauna, an infrared model does not require an electrician, plumber and contractor to complete the installation of the sauna. It is possible to install infrarot sauna kits in most large rooms in the home. In their basement, many people want to mount them. Kits contain the wall, ceiling and floor heat panels, door, windows and dual inside and outside digital controls, lights and wood. Installation with most quality kits is relatively quick and simple. Assembling and installing the sauna the same day it is received is not uncommon. Power is provided by connecting the sauna to any common household outlet. Most kits instructions are easy to understand and if you have problems most have a toll-free 800 number to call for help.

If you want all the advantages of a traditional sauna then installation becomes a bit more complicated. A 220 volt power source will be needed for an indoor sauna facility which uses an electric sauna stove. This will of course require a licensed electrician ‘s help. If you are installing an indoor wet sauna then you also need to install a drain.

The easiest traditional sauna installation would probably involve an outdoor barrel sauna. Like any barrel, these large barrel-shaped saunas are made and come in many sizes. The smallest is about eight feet long, and about six feet in diameter. At one end is the sauna stove, and the door at the other end. Installation is very easy, because a foundation is not needed. A sauna with barrels rests on two or three cradles to hold it above the ground. At the bottom of the sauna is a bung hole which drains water and other liquids out of the sauna.

Normally, a traditional barrel sauna is heated by a wood stove so that no special electrical hookup is required. Some people will install a spicket of cold water for a rinse off. The beauty of a barrel sauna is that it can be set up in an area where plumbing or electricity is not accessible. Some people use battery-powered lighting, and rinse off using the adjacent lake or river.