Scope of Work for a Cosmetic Dentist


There is hope for those unlucky enough to have perfect teeth. Whether they are irregular, spread out, discolored or chipped, you should resort to cosmetic dentistry to fix your teeth. A cosmetic dentist is one who has the expertise and experience to carry out these corrections on your teeth and you can have a perfect smile.

A cosmetic dentist functions much like a cosmetic consultant; he or she works to beautify you by working on your teeth just like a cosmetic consultant beautifies your face with the right products and procedures for the makeup and facial care.Checkout Cosmetic Dentist – Arthur Glosman DDS for more info.

Cosmetic Dentistry Areas

A cosmetic dentist is trained and specialized in veneering porcelain, cosmetic bleaching or teeth whitening, crowning porcelain, white filling, and invisalign treatments. Those can be just a handful of a professional and skilled cosmetic dentist’s many facets of cosmetic dentistry. See below for details of a couple of these dental treatments.

Blank fillings

White filling is one skill easily done by the cosmetic dentist; it is a easy dental procedure to fill the cavity with white fillings instead of the conventional dental amalgam substitute that is silver in colour. White fillings are increasingly popular today as they enhance a person’s aesthetics with a natural look. As white fillings are made of composite quartz resin with a light-sensitive agent, it may be more costly. These composites come in different shades that can match your teeth color to avoid any distinguishing and attention of the teeth fillings.

Invisalign Therapy

Invisalign treatment is in fact invisible braces which are becoming increasingly popular today. Metal brackets and wires are gone days. Today, braces are in the form of invisible and removable aligners that are non-distinct even when you speak or socialize with others around you. You can enjoy smiling from ear to ear without being uncomfortable or mindful of your braces; thus, using a set of retainers, your teeth undergo the straightening process.

Teeth are smoother, and unlike traditional braces, you can remove the retainers to brush them. Flossing can also be performed to decrease teeth staining and decay.

Whitening Tooth

Tooth whitening is a very common dental cosmetic treatment practiced by most cosmetic dentists. It’s not limited to today’s Hollywood icons because many people like shiny white teeth too. Tooth whitening is also known as dental bleaching, in which healthy bleaching agents are used for efficacy.

Tooth whitening procedure for poorly colored teeth is not a magical dental operation. It can only help take a few shades off your discolored teeth. Some patients may be frustrated after this procedure if they do not attain super white teeth. A cosmetic dentist would need to educate the patients about how a tooth whitening procedure actually works.