Types Of Portland Home Inspections

Many people are familiar with home inspections, who either bought a home in the past or are contemplating such a buy. A widely accepted and descriptive description of a home inspection is: A home inspection is an impartial visual examination of a house’s physical structure and structures, from the roof to the floor.Portland Home Inspection has some nice tips on this.

In compliance with a series of approved or accepted requirements, a comprehensive home inspection should include a general and visual evaluation of all areas of the house. There are different types of inspections… with those different types getting a little more to do with the consumers expected to use the documentation of home inspection rather than any major differences in the inspection process.

Some of the various types of home inspections relevant to planned use are: Pre-Purchase Inspection-This is by far the most common type of inspection; it is done for and on behalf of a customer buying a home. Until they purchase something, they want to learn the home condition…… that makes sense, right?

The Pre-Listing Review-This is a review conducted for the sales team… the individuals who might sell their home. That form of review is typically done before the house is put on the market for sale. The purchaser wants to know about the home’s quality, so there will be few complications once the home has gone under contract. Sometimes this form of examination is referred to as a Sellers Examination Consult Inspection-sometimes an individual may want to learn about a particular aspect of a house… they may not want to know about anything that might be incorrect, but they are worried about a single aspect of a home… say, the state of the roof. This method of examination is sometimes referred to as a Consult Examination or Single-Item inspection, and in certain cases may be suitable for some individuals.

New Building Inspection-This is a very common type of inspection carried out for the customer of a newly completed building.

The 11 Month Warranty Review-This review is typically required by a buyer who has bought a newly built house and is approaching the end of their 1 Year warranty period. This helps to identify problems under the builders warranty program that might need to be resolved.