What to Look For in a Traffic Attorney                                        

Before we nearly all got a traffic warning. Speeding, improper turning, hitting a stop sign, driving in the HOV lanes, whatever it might be, the first thing you worry of when you get the ticket is how high the insurance premiums are going to go and how much it will cost you. And then you’re talking to a buddy who says he’s been fighting his ticket and getting it kicked out. And then you’re talking to someone else who says you ‘re an idiot if you’re not fighting your traffic ticket because you can beat them.check my site

But you don’t know anything about defending traffic tickets, and don’t feel like going to court, looking like an idiot or anything else. So you are considering hiring an attorney for the traffic. And let’s say , for example, you ‘re in Seattle so you’re Google’s “Seattle traffic attorney,” and you’re getting 1.5 million hits. And you know you feel a little awkward going into it. Some of your mates have been working with an attorney to great effect, and others have had horrible encounters. So what should you look for in a good traffic lawyer in Seattle? Here are five things which could help.

Next, you need someone who doesn’t pretend to be able to beat your traffic ticket anyway. While that sounds a little intuitive counter (we all want someone who can win, after all), when you think about it it makes sense. Like in all other areas of law, traffic law is predicated on two aspects-the statute and truth. If the law is on your side but not the evidence, then you could lose. If the facts are on your side but not the facts, then you might lose as well. And if there’s nothing on your side you could lose. But you never know until you get a chance to look at it all. So, a big red flag is that your potential traffic lawyer claims he has an unusually high success rate.

Second, however, you need someone who has traffic law as a major part of their practice. Don’t expect the lawyer who put the will together to go in there and take care of the speeding ticket. He may finally be able to do it, but like every other field of the law, there is a certain amount of advanced expertise involved in traffic ticketing law enforcement.

Third, don’t necessarily look for the cheapest avocate for traffic. Overall they are pretty cheap for the most part. I have seen charges in Seattle, for example, from $175 to $350 for a simple traffic ticket anywhere. So shelling out that getting help from someone is usually worth the payment (plus you don’t need to go to court, take off work, etc.). The thing about paying a little more money is usually that you get better service. A smaller fee means that in order to pay the rent an attorney has to take on more cases. Less cases means more focus on you.

Third, make sure that you find someone who’s going to answer your calls. If you call them to talk and they’re not calling you back for a couple of days, this is not a good sign. As for every other prosecutor, lawyers for traffic tickets are usually busy people. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t take ten minutes to touch base with you or send you an email to let you know that they’ve got your details and are looking at it.

Fourth, don’t wait to hire an attorney to last minute. The longer you wait, and the closer your disputed hearing gets to the date, the less time and leverage you need to find the right (and probably cheaper) lawyer from you. If you wait until the week of your hearing your fee may be higher due to the scheduling work that the person you hire will have to do. If they have to pay someone else to appear somewhere else so they can be out of your pocket at your hearing.

In short, hiring a traffic lawyer is just like hiring any other skilled service. Take some time to check them out, make sure you can trust them and don’t wait until the spirals of the problem are out of control. If you’re getting a ticket for traffic you should always fight it. The worst thing that could happen is you are paying the fine.